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Create New View

To create a new view, proceed as follows:

  1. Right-click on Views in the navigation tree.
  2. Select New View in the context menu

    or select System > New > New View in the menu.

    The Create New View window will open.

  3. Give a Name and a Description.
  4. Click on Continue.

    The Select Criterion window will open.

  5. Select a parameter.

    You will find a list of all available search parameters under Possible Search Parameters.

  6. Click on Continue.
  7. In the entry field in the Text Search window, enter a text with which the parameter value is to be compared and select one or more search options.

    Depending on the parameter, the following search options are available:

    You will find a list of the regular expressions supported by Java at Oracle under Class Pattern.

    You cannot enter a regular expression in the entry field. However, you can use regular expressions when subsequently editing the view.

  8. Click on Continue.
  9. In the Finish view criterionj window, click on one of the following options:
  10. Depending on the option selected, click on Finish or Next. You can add as many criteria with AND/OR links as you want.