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Updating a UMS Installation

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Updating under Windows

To perform an update under Windows , proceed as follows:

Create a backup of the database before updating a previously installed version of the UMS. Otherwise, you risk losing all database content.

  1. Download the current version of the IGEL Universal Management Suite from the IGEL Download Server.
  2. Launch the installer.

    You will need administration rights for the computer in order to install the IGEL UMS.

  3. Close any other applications and confirm that you have done so.
  4. Read and confirm the license agreement.
  5. Read the explanation of the installation process.
  6. Select a directory path and a file name for the backup of the existing UMS database (recommended). This dialog is shown if an embedded database was used.
  7. Select the components that you would like to install.
  8. Choose a name for the entry in the Windows start menu.
  9. Read the summary and start the installation process.
  10. Confirm that you have closed all other UMS applications.
  11. Confirm the automatic updating of the database schema.

    The Windows Installer will install the new version of the UMS, create entries in the Windows software directory and in the start menu and place a start icon on the desktop.

  12. Close the program once installation is complete.

    Once the update has been installed successfully, the UMS server will connect to the previously used database.

  13. Start the UMS console.
  14. Connect the UMS console to the server with the help of the existing access data.