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Company logos

Other areas where you can show your company logo in the firmware are the screensaver and the start menu.

To define an image for the screensaver, proceed as follows:

  1. Activate Enable Image display.
  2. Under Image File/Directory, give the full path for an image file or a directory containing a number of image files.

    If you enter a folder instead of a single image file as the source, all images in the folder will be displayed as a slide show, the display time for the images can be configured.

    If you do not specify a file of your own, the IGEL logo will be used.

  3. Enable One Image per Monitor if you would like to see the image (the images) on each individual monitor rather than one image across all monitors.
  4. Specify the Image duration in seconds.
  5. Select the Image display mode:

To define logos for the start menu, proceed as follows: