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Power Options

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Energy Options System

System standby

Specify how long the user can be inactive before the system switches to standby mode – from Never or 10 Mins to 24 Hours.

CPU power plan

Specify here which CPU power plan (CPU Governor) the device is to use in AC mode.

Explanation of the settings:

  • High Performance- full performance with maximum processor speed
  • Balanced (smooth) - slower regulation of performance in a balanced manner according to the demands of programs. Suitable for users who are bothered by the fan frequently running at high speed.
  • Balanced (recommended) - rapid regulation of performance according to the demands of programs (recommended).
  • Power Saver - lowest processor speed

    The standard settings are High Performance in AC mode and Balanced (recommended) in battery mode.

Tray icon

Enable this setting in order to display a CPU tray icon which allows you to switch quickly between the power plans.