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In this area, you can change the proxy configuration.

To change the proxy configuration, proceed as follows:

  1. In the Proxy Configuration pull-down menu, select the type of proxy configuration.

    The following proxy configurations are available:

  2. Enter the necessary configuration data for the selected proxy configuration.

Direct connection to the Internet

With this proxy configuration, no proxy is used.

Manual proxy configuration

The configuration data must be specified in the following fields.

Automatic proxy configuration

With this proxy configuration, the PAC file (Proxy Auto Config) available under URL will be used.

System-wide proxy configuration

With this proxy configuration, the proxy configured under Setup > Network > Proxy will be used.

Automatically recognize proxy configuration for this network

With this proxy configuration, WPAD (Web Proxy Autodiscovery Protocol) will be used. The browser will determine the URL of the WPAD file wpad.dat automatically with the help of DNS.