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Wireless Manager

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Configure Connections in the Setup

In the Default Wi-Fi network and Additional Wi-Fi networks areas, you can configure wireless network connections:


  1. Select an Encryption Method.
  2. Enter the Network Name (SSID).
  3. Set further parameters depending on the encryption method selected.

    For WPA(2) Enterprise encryption, the client certificate can also be requested and administered via SCEP. See Network/SCEP and our Certificate Enrollment and Renewal with SCEP (NDES) How-To.

The connections defined under Additional Wi-Fi networks have the same value as the connection entered under Default Wi-Fi network. Here, you can pre-configure wireless connections which are available for selection by the user in the Wireless Manager.

The connections configured in the Wireless Manager are likewise shown in the Additional Wi-Fi networks list and are automatically flagged as User-defined.

Connection to Hidden Networks

Hidden wireless networks (WLAN without SSID broadcasting) can also be connected to. Pre-defined connections can be used without disclosing the network name to the user. For user-defined connections, the user must however know the name of the hidden network.

To pre-configure connections to hidden networks, proceed as follows:

Additional connections can be configured in the Other Additional Wi-Fi networks dialog.