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Licensing with the Universal Management Suite (UMS)

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Licensing via smartcard and UMS


To generate licenses from the smartcard, proceed as follows:

  1. Insert the smartcard with the licenses into the UDC stick.
  2. Connect the UDC stick to the device on which the UMS Console runs.
  3. Click on System > Manage Licenses in the UMS Console.

    The Manage Licenses window opens:

    license management

  4. Click on Issue License from the Smartcard and confirm your action.

    A list of available licenses is available under License Information.

    The available target devices are listed under Thin Clients.

  5. Select the devices for which you require a license.
  6. Click on Issue Licenses.

    The licenses will be generated by the UDC stick.

  7. Start the devices twice in order to enable the licenses and the associated functions.

    The product ID indicates whether the licensing has worked.

A license is saved in the following three locations:

If you would like to delete the license for whatever reason, you must delete it in all three locations.