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Configuring PXE-Server-VM
  1. Switch on the virtual machine and launch the VMware Console in order to configure the settings.

    VMware Console

    These shortkeys can be used to perform the following actions:

    1: Configure network

    2: Set DHCP range

    P: Change password for the web interface

    Y: Apply settings

    Shift + T: Confirm change in the deployment type

  2. Press 1 to configure the virtual appliance.
  3. Give the IP address, netmask and gateway IP.

    Virtual appliance configuration

  4. Confirm your settings by pressing Y .
  5. Press 2 to set up the DHCP range for the server.
  6. Enter the first IP address, last IP address and lease time.
  7. Confirm your settings by pressing Y .

    The DHCP server is enabled and is ready to assign an IP address from the address range to target devices.