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To duplicate the firmware, proceed as follows:

Copying firmware from the UDC stick

  1. Connect both USB sticks: the IGEL UDC stick and the target USB stick.
  2. Launch UDC2Stick.exe from the following directory:

    Software & Documentation/Software/UDC2Stick/

  3. Select the USB stick as the Destination.
  4. Enable Format with FAT32 and Make Bootable.
  5. Select Quick Format if you are using a target drive that is to be formated quickly.

    Optionally, you can copy the Software & Documentation files to your target drive too.

  6. Click Duplicate Source to Destination USB Stick.

    Your target device will be formatted using the FAT32 file system and made bootable.

    All relevant files will be copied from the source to the target device.

  7. Close the program once the process is complete or copy the firmware to another USB stick.

Copying firmware from the download server

  1. Download the current UDC2Stick.zip file from the IGEL download server www.myigel.biz under IGEL_UNIVERSAL_DESKTOP_CONVERTER/UDC2_Stick_V5/.
  2. Unzip all the files and begin the procedure – in this case from the file folder – in order to create a bootable USB stick with IGEL Universal Desktop OS 2.

    If you download the firmware from the IGEL server, you will receive the UDC2 software, but without licenses. These must be ordered separately and distributed to the target devices via the IGEL UMS, see.