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  1. Boot the Universal Desktop Converter in the standard mode or in verbose mode.
  2. Select a language for the installation and confirm the license information.
  3. Select a target drive on which you would like to install the Universal Desktop OS: internal, external HDD, flash or USB drive.

    All existing data on the target drive will be deleted during installation.


  4. Click Edit initial settings to cofigure the settings to be applied to the thin client at installation time. These settings are saved on the UDC stick and will also be applied to thin clients in subsequent installations.

    It is also possible to roll out custom files like certificates at installation time. To do so, copy the files to a location inside the folder wfs_template on the UDC stick, just as they should be placed in the folder /wfs on the thin client.

  5. Click Reset initial settings to remove any custom configuration and restore the installation of the factory default values.
  6. Click on Install Firmware to begin the installation process.

    In case the target drive is not large enough for installation of the whole firmware, a dialog window will open. The physical disk size and the estimated firmware size are shown. Deselect features in the list of optional features until the remaining parts will fit onto the device.

    Firmware installieren

  7. Click Install Firmware again.

    Ziellaufwerk beschreiben

  8. Shut down the system once the installation is complete.
  9. Remove the UDC stick and reboot with the target drive (IGEL Linux).

    Remember to change back the BIOS boot order.

    UDC2 Application Launcher

Your device will now run IGEL Universal Desktop OS 2. If you have installed the firmware using the IGEL UDC stick with smartcard in the manner described, your device will now be equipped with up-to-date licenses and can be registered in the IGEL UMS. See also Licensing.

Back up all license files from [USB stick]:\licenses for later use. You should back up all license filed before formating the USB stick, especially if you use UDC2Stick.exe.

Further information about the system and the IGEL Universal Management Suite can be found in the documentation on the UDC stick or in the IGEL Knowledge Base edocs.igel.com.