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Installing firmware and licenses

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  1. Remove the slot cover on the UDC stick and insert the smartcard with the licenses.
  2. Change the BIOS boot order of your target device so that it boots from USB.

    UDC installation with USB

  3. Insert the UDC stick into the USB socket on your target device.
  4. Start the system.

    The target device boots from the UDC stick and the boot menu opens:

    UDC boot menu

The following options are available in the boot menu:

Boot IGEL UD Converter

Starts the firmware installer image.

Autostart after 1 minute

Boot Converter (verbose)

Shows messages during the boot process

Boot from Hard disk

Boots from the hard disk

Memory Test

Performs a memory test

The following function buttons are available to you in the boot menu:


Open help for the selected option


Select language for the current menu


Change video mode (DDC setting) -

the DDC mode is enabled by default

DDC is enabled by default when the Universal Desktop OS 2 boots. If necessary, you can later change this via the IGEL Universal Management Suite or in the local setup.