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Drive Mapping

Through drive mapping, connected mass storage devices can be made available to the user. Specify which folders or drives are mapped during the logon.

Via Enable drive mapping, you can temporarily enable/disable drive mapping. This offers the advantage that stored settings can be enabled or disabled without being lost.

Local (USB) devices which are to be used for drive mapping purposes must first be set up as devices.

To set updrive mapping, proceed as follows:

  1. Click on Add to bring up the mapping window.
  2. Select a Drive to map from the list under which the local device or the folder is to be mapped.


    If the drive letter you have selected is no longer available on the server, the specified directory or local drive will be given the next free letter during the logon.

  3. Give the Local Drive Path to which the mapping is to refer.


    If you map a locally connected device, use the pre-defined path names available in the drop-down field. The directories in question are those on which the devices are mounted by default during the boot procedure (e.g. /autofs/floppy for an integrated disk drive).