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Local Logon

Under Local logon, you can pre-populate user data. As a result, you can avoid users possibly having to log on a number of times.

You can also use Local logon to freely select the server in the logon window of an RDP session.

Enable Use local logon window to

The following presets can be configured:

Use local logon window

If this option is enabled, you will need to enter the password in the RDP logon window on the terminal side when logging on.

Preset logon information

The logon window is pre-populated with the user name and domain.


Here, you can pre-populate the user name and domain in the logon window and choose between the settings from the last logon and the session setup.

Show domain

Shows the domain entry in the logon window.

Specify client name to user name

This setting may help to resolve reconnection problems during load balancing.

Relaunch mode

The RDP logon window is displayed in restart mode and cannot be closed.

Enable network authentication

Enables network authentication via NTLM. Smartcards are not supported here.


Allows you to add domains which are to be available. If you enter a number of domains, these will be shown in the Domains drop-down area in the logon module.