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In this area, you can overwrite the following server connection details and thus the default settings:

Browser protocol: The protocol that is to be used when searching for servers and published applications.

Do not use default server location: Lifts the default server requirement – for each protocol separately.

Server: Click on Search to send a transmission signal which queries all available servers and published applications.

By selecting the server, the user is connected to the entire desktop as if logging on at the server itself. As a result, all applications, rights and settings contained in the user's profile (local server profile) are available.

If you select a published application, the session is opened in a window which contains just one application. The session is ended if you close this application.

You can also manually enter the IP address or the host name of the server in the Server field.

Application: If you have entered the server manually, you can specify a published application here. These fields are automatically filled in if you have selected one of the recognized published applications.

Working directory: Details of the path name of the work directory for the application