With the same external Database

When you use an external database you do not need to backup it for the migration, but you have to save the certificates of the UMS server.

Migration 2

  1. Click Certificates in the UMS administrator on the old server.
  2. Click Save and select a target folder and a name for the keystore file containing the certificates.

    Backup Certificate

    The .keystore file is shown in the target folder.

  3. Copy this file to the new server and keep a save copy elsewhere.

    This certificate secures the communication between UMS server and thin clients. Without this certificate you are not able to manage your environment anymore!

  4. In the UMS administrator on the new server click Datasource > Add... to set up a datasource for the existing external database.
  5. Restore the certificates in the new UMS administrator.
  6. Adapt, if necessary, the DHCP Tag 224 and the DNS Alias for the new server.

    If you use a new UMS version activate the external database one-time in the UMS administrator, to secure the update of the schema.