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Environment variables

Environment variables allow you to use dynamic parameter content for a number of session types, e.g. so as not to have to enter ICA or RDP servers for every session. Within the IGEL Setup, the variables can be found under: System→Firmware Configuration→Environment Variables

Predefined variables can also be supplied and distributed via the IGEL UMS. Additional defined variables can only be used locally and may be overwritten by a UMS configuration.

The environment variables are available in Custom Commands.

In addition, the following session parameters can be updated with variables:

Use in sessions

  1. Enable environment variables under Enable variable substitution in session.
  2. Specify the variable name and content (e.g. Variable Name = SERVER NAME | Value = test server)
  3. Enter the variable name in the session parameter field. The name is preceded by a $ sign (e.g. $SERVERNAME )

In the case of RDP and ICA sessions, the setting is implemented after being saved and is entered into the session file. With XenApp, the setting is not implemented until a session starts and is running.