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Enabling the partition

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Defining download source

In order to load data onto the custom partition, at least one source for partition data must be specified in the Download area.

The transfer protocols are the same as the ones for updating the firmware, e.g. HTTP, HTTPS, FTP. An INF file which in turn references a tar archive zipped using bzip2 must be given as the target.

The structure of the INF file is as follows:


Header informationen


Zipped tar archive


Version of the file

The files to be transferred must therefore be zipped in a tar archive which is then compressed using bzip2. This file is referenced in the INF file which is the target of the URL.

The tar archive can be created under Windows, e.g. with the open source program 7-Zip (www.7-zip.org). This program also allows bzip2 compression. Under Linux, tar- and bz2- files can often be created using onboard resources.

The procedure makes it possible to replace the file(s) on the server with a new version which the thin client loads the next time it is booted. The version parameter in the INF file must be increased for this purpose.