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Custom partition

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Enabling the partition

The custom partition is disabled by default.

The size of the partition is shown in the form of a numerical value (bytes) followed by a multiplier.

Sensible figures are for example 100 K (for 100 KiB = 100 * 1024 bytes) or 100 M (for 100 MiB = 100 * 1024 * 1024 bytes).

Enable Partition

The size of the partition should be set to at least 100 KiB. However, no more than 300 MiB should be reserved for the custom partition (based on the 1 GB standard CF used in IGEL Linux thin clients). This is because subsequent firmware updates may require more storage space than the current version.

A status window provides information on the process and gives details of any errors when creating the partition. If for example there is insufficient space on the storage medium, it will not be possible to create the partition.

Error Message

If you attempt to change the size of a previously created custom partition, you may find that you are unable to do so if a process is still accessing the partition, e.g. if its content is still being shown in the terminal window.