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CUPS - Common UNIX Printing System

The Common UNIX Printing SystemTM (or CUPS) is the software which allows you to print from within applications, e.g. from this web browser.

CUPS converts the page descriptions produced by the application, e.g. "Insert Paragraph", "Draw Line" etc., into data which can be read by the printer, and then sends this information to the printer.

With the appropriate configuration, CUPS can use printing devices via the following connections:


Printers can be created and edited here.

Mapping in sessions

The remaining parameters are used to select the printer driver in ICA and RDP sessions on Windows servers.

When printing in ICA and RDP sessions, the print data are normally prepared for the printer model by the Windows printer driver and are passed unchanged from the thin client to the printer.

An exception is encountered when using the Windows driver in ICA sessions: Manufacturer: Generic, model: Generic PostScript. In this case, the print data are prepared on the thin client with the help of the printer driver defined above under Printers for the printer model. This requires thin client resources depending on the size of the print job.

IPP printer sharing

The IPP (Internet Printing Protocol) offers the following configuration options: