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Under Options, you can optimize performance and system behavior within the ICA session.


Reduces the quantity of data transmitted via the ICA session.

This in turn reduces network traffic to the detriment of CPU performance.

  • Enable compression if you connect your server(s) via WAN.
  • Disable this option if you use a relatively low-performance server and only work in one LAN.

Caching image data

Enables caching in the cache memory (configured in the global ICA settings) for each session.

This makes sense if you use a number of ICA sessions but only one or two sessions are critical with regards to network bandwidth or are used heavily during the day. In this case, you should reserve the cache memory for these sessions.

Encryption method

Encryption increases the security of your ICA connection. Basic encryption is enabled by default. You should therefore ensure that the Citrix server supports RC5 encryption before you select a higher degree of encryption.

Audio transmission

Transfers system sounds and audio outputs from applications to the thin client. These are then output via the speakers connected. The higher the level of audio quality you select, the more bandwidth is needed for transferring audio data.

Mouse click feedback

The mouse pointer immediately turns into an hourglass symbol, thus providing visual feedback in response to a mouse click.

Local text echo

Displays the text entered more quickly and avoids latencies in the network.

Select a mode from the drop-down list:

  • Select Onfor slower connections (connection via WAN) in order to reduce the delay between the user entering text and the text being displayed on the screen.
  • For faster connections (connection via LAN), select Off.
  • Select Automatic if you are not sure how fast the connection is.