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Citrix Receiver Selection

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HDX / ICA Global

This section describes the procedure for configuring the global Citrix settings. This configuration applies for all Citrix sessions.

Most of these properties can be changed separately for each session, e. g.:

Please note that a number of configuration options depend on the version of the Citrix Receiver selected. A comparison of functions can be found in the FAQs: Citrix Receiver Feature Matrix.

Citrix Receiver 13.0.x and 13.1.x (Linux) supports HTTPS connections only, while the default setting for the Citrix server is HTTP – a connection attempt will thus fail. HTTPS must be enabled on the Citrix server and you must ensure that a valid root certificate for the certification authority (CA) is installed on the thin client. A How-To document regarding distribution of the certificates is available in the IGEL Knowledge Base: Deploying Trusted Root Certificates.

Citrix Receiver 13.1 supports Kerberos passthrough authentication for Legacy-ICA sessions only, not for Storefront!

Users can only change an expired password if this option is enabled on the Citrix server too. See Warning message when changing password FAQ.