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Enable the XDMCP function for the screen in order to be able to select the appropriate connection type.

Please note that the local setup can then be accessed only using the hotkey Ctrl+Alt+s. This should therefore not be disabled for the setup application (Accessories→Setup).

Bildschirm XDMCP

Connection type

Allows you to select the appropriate connection type. If you select broadcast, the graphical logon from the first XDMCP server that responds to a broadcast query will be provided. If you choose the connection type indirect via local host, a list of XDMCP hosts will be shown during the startup procedure. Select from this list the host that provides the graphical logon.

Name or IP of server

This field is enabled if you select the connection type direct or indirect. Give the name or the IP address of the XDMCP server you wish to use. In the direct mode, you are provided with the graphical logon mask straight from the XDCMP server which you specified in the entry field. If you chose the indirect mode, a list of available XDMCP servers will be shown by the server you specified.

Make sure the Display Manager daemon (XDM, KMD, GDM ...) is running and that access authorization is available on the remote host.