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General Administrator Rights

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Object-related access rights

Administrators and administrator groups can be granted specific rights with regard to objects in the navigation tree. These authorizations are inherited "downwards", e.g. from a folder to the thin clients within this folder.

You can change the authorization settings after selecting an object in the following ways:

The above list contains all object-related authorizations available in the UMS navigation tree. Only one selection is available for each selected object. For example, a view cannot be assigned updates and cannot be shut down.

Associated authorizations are automatically set together but can be changed manually later on. Enabled authorizations or denials relating to nodes affect all objects within the node.

The overview shows a selected administrator's rights to an object. Details can be found under Effective Rights. The rules for determining rights are also shown here, e.g. whether an authorization was granted directly or whether it is granted via a group or an inheritance within the tree structure.