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Windows Defender

In this area, you can configure Windows Defender's download behavior for antimalware definition updates.

You can provide one or several file shares. The file shares must be seperated by a pipe smybol |. File shares are used in the order their of appearance in the list. Example: \\server1\share1|\\server1\share2.

Important: If Windows Defender update definition download is Enabled with activated write filter, the overlay usage will grow significantly. Excess memory consumption will degrade system performance.

When Schedule is selected, the write filter will be deactivated during definition updates to keep RAM usage low.

Important: When a scheduled update is executed, the thin client will be automatically force-rebooted several times. Due to this, it is strongly recommended to configure the schedule so that updates are only executed during times nobody is using the thin client.

The date and time specified under Start is the date time relative to the thin client's local timezone.