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Retrieving the Unit ID (UD Pocket)

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Getting the Licenses from the Activation Portal
  1. Register at the activation portal under https://activation.igel.com.
  2. Log in at the activation portal.
  3. Click Add new activation key here.
  4. Enter the activation key you received from your reseller and click Submit.

    Your activation key is identified as a UD Pocket key.

  5. In the Licences overview tab, click Add unit IDs in the entry that contains your activation key.
  6. Select the CSV file you have generated with the UMS beforehand and click Submit. Alternatively, you can enter the unit id(s) in the input field under Or input addresses in field(s) below and click Submit.

    The unit ID must start with a '#'. Example: #85641000D308482019

    When you have uploaded a CSV file, a preview of the unit IDs is shown.

    When you have entered the unit id(s) in the input field, the license file is created immediately.

  7. When you have uploaded a CSV file: In the preview screen, click Submit.
  8. Click Download UD Pocket license now to download the license file and save it in a directory that can be accessed by the UMS machine.