Installing a Custom CUPS Driver


IGEL Linux v5 and above.


Your printer is not included in the CUPS default configuration.


You can install a custom driver from your manufacturer.

Copying the PPD driver file to the thin client

Copy the driver file (PPD file) to the folder /wfs using the UMS file transfer mechanism, see Files.

Adding a new CUPS driver

Now that you have copied the driver file to the thin client, you have to add a new printer and set the PPD file as the driver definition.
To do so, proceed as follows:

For a detailed description of the CUPS configuration options, see CUPS.

  1. In Setup, go to Devices > Printer > CUPS > Printer
  2. Click Hinzufügen, to get to Add dialogue.
  3. Define the following settings:
  4. Click Ok to save the settings.
  5. Restart your IGEL device.

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