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Thin Client Licenses

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From IGEL UMS Version 5.08.100, you can enable and configure the automatic deployment of licenses by the UMS. Automatic license deployment includes basic licenses for UDC3, UMA and UD Pocket.

Automatic license deployment requires a connection between the UMS and the IGEL license server as well as the IGEL update server. This connection can be established via a proxy.

If automatic license deployment is enabled and at least one token with suitable and non-allocated licenses is registered, the UMS will perform the following actions in the background:

As soon as a license is registered in the UMS, the UMS stores the license and adds a license download link to the settings.

After that, the UMS sends the current settings to the thin clients. When the thin clients have received their settings, they download the licenses and reboot. After the reboot, the thin clients have all licensed features at their disposal.

For further information about setting up and using automatic license deployment, see the HowTo Automatic License Deployment.

Registered tokens

This table shows all tokens currently registered in the UMS. You can add, delete, enable or disable tokens.

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Add token

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Delete token

Enable token

Disable token. A disabled token will not be used for deploying licenses.

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Update information regarding all registered tokens. The current information will be obtained from the license server

Show token details:

  • Demo license: Shows whether a license is a demo license.
  • Licensed hardware: Shows all thin clients licensed with the token belonging to the entry.

The following information is shown:

Actions performed

The actions last performed are shown in this area.

Delete entries older than a specific date

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Delete selected entries

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Update display

Show details regarding the selected action

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