Installing Libatomic

This step installs Libatomic and sets up a symbolic link so the Chromium will find it.

  1. Extract the package contents with this command:

    dpkg -x libatomic*.deb libatomic

  2. Change into the extracted contents:

    cd libatomic1/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/

  3. List its contents in long form: ls -l


    This shows you that the library file is actually named and that is a symbolic link to it. We will recreate the link on the thin client later.

  4. Transfer the file to the thin client and place it in:


  5. Change into the directory:

    cd /custom/chromium-browser/usr/lib/chromium-browser/

  6. Create the symbolic link:

    ln -s

    Now Libatomic is set up to be used by Chromium.