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Active Directory / LDAP

It can make sense to link the UMS server to an existing Active Directory for two reasons:

For both purposes, you first need to link the relevant Active Directories in the Administration area under Global Configuration > Active Directory / LDAP.

  1. Add a new entry to the list of linked Active Directories by selecting Add (+).
  2. Specify the name of the Domain Name, the Domain Controller and the Page Size.

    The page size limits the number of hits (i.e. objects) in the Active Directory on the server side. The default value is 1,000. Change this value according to your server configuration.

  3. Click on Test Connection to test the connection after entering valid user data.

    A number of Active Directories can be linked. You should therefore ensure that you give the correct domain when logging on (e.g. to the UMS console).

In this document, the terms Active Directory and LDAP are, to an extent, used interchangeably: