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Send Immediate Messages

From UMS Version 5.07.100, an editor which helps you to write immediate messages in HTML or rich text format is available. You can use this service to send thin client users messages via remote access. This is possible via the UMS or via ICG.

You can launch the editor via the context menu in the Thin Client node or via the main menu: Thin Clients > Other Thin Client Commands > Send Message.

Thin clients with firmware from UDLX 10.07.100 can display these formated messages. With older firmware versions, the message will be shown unformatted.

Under Select Template, you can choose from various format templates. These include 5 preset templates and those that you created under UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Thin Client Rich Message Templates:

Own icon:

In order to distribute your own icon from the UMS, select a PNG file which should not be bigger than 4 kB.

Users who have the right to send messages can view all saved templates and change them for an immediate message. However, these changes will not be saved.

In order to save templates, the user will need write rights on the Thin Client Rich Message Templates node.

In order to format the text, you can either use the integrated toolbar or you can create HTML snippets using an expert tool and insert them using copy and paste.

A message may have up to 7,000 characters including the formating elements.