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Importing Profiles with Unknown Firmware

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Editing profiles

The properties of a profile consist of so-called description data and the profile configuration.

Description data consist of the name of the profile, a descriptive text, the firmware version and the overwrite flag for sessions. Example:

Description data of profile

To edit the profile configuration, proceed as follows:

  1. Double-click on a profile or select a profile from the navigation tree.
  2. Click on Edit > Edit Configuration.

    The set up will open.

    Paths highlighted in blue in the configuration tree lead to settings that have already been set via the profile.

  3. To change settings, click on the activation symbol in front of the parameter until the desired function is active.


    Inactive parameter

    The parameter is inactive and will not be configured by the profile.


    Active parameter without key

    The parameter is active and the set value will be configured by the profile.

When saving the profile, you can determine when your changes will take effect:

  1. Make the required changes.
  2. Click on Save.
  3. Decide whether the new settings are to take effect immediately or when the relevant thin clients next boot.

    Bear in mind that users who are working may be disturbed if changes take effect immediately.

Assigned profiles with configuration changes not yet transferred to the thin client are flagged with an exclamation mark in the list of Assigned Objects:

Changed profile