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Import with short format

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Import with long format

Unlike the short format, the long format also allows further data, e.g. the storage directory in the UMS navigation tree, serial number, site etc. to be imported. You will see what information can be imported after selecting the long format in the import dialog.

The long format provides the following data:


/Import;00E0C5540B9A;IGEL Universal Desktop LX;;IGEL-1;Büro1;EDV;Meier;0815;01.06.2014;F44M;26;01

/Import;00E0C5540B9B;IGEL Universal Desktop LX;;IGEL-2;Büro2;EDV;Müller;4711;01.06.2014;F45M;26;01

/Import;00E0C5540B9C;IGEL Universal Desktop LX;;IGEL-2;Büro3;EDV;Schulz;42;01.06.2014;F46M;26;01

The Firmware column in the preview is made up of two values from the import file (system and firmware version).

The ID of a profile is shown in the description data and in the tool tip for the profile.