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Registering thin clients

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Importing thin clients

You can make thin clients known to the UMS before the thin clients are physically available in the network. This allows you to specify editable attributes such as department or cost center. To do this, import the thin clients’ data from a CSV file.

In order for thin clients to be registered fully, the thin clients’ firmware data must be available in the UMS. Further information can be found under Importing firmwares.

To import thin clients, proceed as follows:

  1. Select System > Import > Import Thin Clients.
  2. Click on Open File and select the file.
  3. Select the relevant format, i.e. the format of the data.
  4. If entries are flagged as erroneous, click on Clear to delete all messages from the window.
  5. Click on Import TCs to launch the import procedure.

To correct erroneous entries, proceed as follows: