Retry a Mass Upgrade

If an upgrade attempt has failed for some or all devices, and the error has been fixed, it is necessary to confirm the error before starting another upgrade attempt.

The error can be confirmed locally on the devices, but in a mass upgrade scenario it is feasible to use a profile.

To retry a mass upgrade, execute the following steps in the UMS:

  1. Create a profile based on version 5.11.400. Find a suitable name for the profile, e.g. "Retry automatic upgrade to version 10 despite upgrade failure".
  2. In the profile's configuration dialog, navigate to System > Update > Firmware Update and change the settings as follows:

    If the Automatic Update Check is not needed for your upgrade method, you can deactivate this parameter after having activated Retry automatic upgrade to IGEL Linux 10 despite of upgrade failure. Proceed as follows: After activating Retry upgrade to IGEL Linux 10 despite of upgrade failure, save the profile, reopen it and deactivate Automatic Update Check.

  3. Click Save.
  4. Assign the profile to all devices for which you want to retry the upgrade. This can be done by assigning the profile to the directory that contains these devices.
  5. In the context menu of the assignment, select Now.
  6. Initiate an update on all devices which need to be updated.