Important! Consider This Before Upgrading

To make sure that your upgrade can be successful, check the following warnings and notes; a warning symbol indicates that irreversible damage can be done to your devices.

No NCP client: The NCP client is not present in IGEL Linux 10.03.

No downgrade: You cannot restore your IGEL Linux 5 system once you have migrated to IGEL Linux 10. The device storage is overwritten completely with a new partitioning scheme.

License proxy: Do not upgrade to IGEL Linux 10 if the device is functioning as a license proxy. This functionality is not supported by IGEL Linux 10.

Custom commands: The continued availability of custom commands cannot be guaranteed.

Besides becoming dysfunctional after the upgrade, custom commands might corrupt the upgrade. For this reason, make sure to first test the upgrade on a characteristic device; see Testing the Upgrade. In general, custom commands must be adapted for IGEL Linux 10.

We recommend that you disable custom commands when upgrading; you can enable them once the upgrade has been successfully completed.

Network: All devices must be connected to a WLAN or LAN. LAN is the recommended option.

The device will not be upgraded if connected to PPTP, OpenVPN, NCP, CAG VPN, genucard or LTE.

License: Each device must have a valid Samsung IGEL OS 10 upgrade license.

The device will not be upgraded if the license is not valid.