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Own Machine: Preparing

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Uploading the Keystore

You can use SCP (secure copy) to upload the keystore exported from UMS to the machine on which ICG will be installed.

From Windows with WinSCP

  1. Download the free WinSCP software from https://winscp.net and install it.
  2. In WinSCP configure a new session with these settings:
  3. Click Login.
  4. Drag-and-drop the keystore.icg file to sshuser's home directory on the ICG machine.

From Linux with SCP

  1. In a terminal emulator, change to the directory you saved the keystore file in.
  2. Run the following commandline:

    scp keystore.icg sshuser@[host]:~/

  3. Enter the password you have set for sshuser.

    The file is uploaded.