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Licensing ICG

To use the ICG, a valid subscription is required.

If no valid subscription is present, e.g. because of expiry, it is not possible to manage any thin client via the ICG.

  1. In a web browser register at https://activation.igel.com.
  2. Log in at https://activation.igel.com.
  3. Enter the activation key you received from your reseller.
  4. Enter your UMS Cluster ID (learn here how to find it).

    Your license is generated.

  5. Download the license file (with *.lic filename extension) to a local directory.
  6. In UMS Console go to UMS Administration > Global Configuration > UMS Licenses (up to UMS version 5.07.100) or UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Licenses > UMS Licenses (UMS version 5.08.100 or higher)

    A License Summary and a detailed list of Registered Licenses is displayed.

  7. Click in the Registered Licenses title bar to upload the license file to the UMS. It contains all the license details.

    Your IGEL Cloud Gateway license will show up in both lists.