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Setup Assistant

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Using the "Setup Assistant" Function

Setup assistant buttons:


Accept EULA

This step is part of the setup assistant from IGEL Linux 10.04.100 onwards.

You must accept the EULA to continue with setting up and using your thin client.

Keyboard Layout

Time Zone Continent/Area

Time and Date


This step is part of the setup assistant from IGEL Linux 10.03.100 onwards.

This configuration step is available if a WLAN adapter was found when starting the device. The device will search for available WLAN access points as soon as the configuration step is opened. The WLAN access points found will be listed. You can then connect to your desired WLAN access point.

If you carry out the WLAN configuration and exit the Setup Assistant by selecting Finish, the connection will be saved and WLAN will be permanently enabled.

If you skip this configuration step or cancel the configuration, WLAN will not be permanently enabled.

Activate Your UD Pocket

This step is part of the setup assistant from IGEL OS 10.03.500 onwards.

When you start a UD Pocket Demo, you can obtain an evaluation license. With this evaluation license, all features of the UD Pocket are available for a period

  1. Fill out all fields.
  2. Activate the checkbox near I agree to the terms + conditions and privacy policy.

ICG Agent Setup

If your system administrator has given you access data for IGEL Cloud Gateway, you can connect the thin client to the gateway here.

You will find instructions for this under Using ICG Agent Setup.

Otherwise, do not touch this page and click on Skip or Next.