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Network Topology

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Configuring NetScaler

  1. Configure a server object in NetScaler under Load Balancing. Pick its IP address from the subnet in which the ICG is located.


  2. Create a Load Balancing Service Group with SSL_Bridge as the Protocol. In the screenshot it is named ICG-SSLBridge Service.

    Load Balancing Service Group

  3. Add a Service Group Member with the ICG's IP address and TCP port.

    Service Group Members Binding

  4. Create a Load balancing Virtual Server. The IP address and TCP port you configure here will be accessible from the Internet.


  5. Add a Binding to the load balancing server group, binding the ICG-SSLBridge Service you created in step 2.

    The load balancing virtual server should now be in the state UP, and communication from the Internet should be forwarded to ICG.

    Adding  a Binding