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Ethtool is the standard Linux utility for getting diagnostic information about wired Ethernet devices and their drivers.


IGEL Setup > Registry


> Disable ethtool logging


true / false


By default Ethtool logging is included in Netlog logging. However, you can disable it here.


IGEL Setup > Registry


> Log only if ethtool output changes


true / false


Log only if ethtool output changes (on bootup there will always be at least one log entry)


IGEL Setup > Registry


> Number of Rotate Files


2 ... 4


Keep up to this number of rotated files (also compressed), the current log not included (which is limited to 600 lines)


IGEL Setup > Registry


> Logfile rotate size in MiB


2, 4, 6


Rotate when the size of the uncompressed file reaches this size in MiB.