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Uploading the Keystore

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Installing the IGEL Cloud Gateway

The installation process is the same both for the virtual machine created with the ICG virtual appliance and for any other Linux machine, provided it meets the requirements; see Prerequisites.

To install ICG, using the uploaded keystore:

  1. Log into the machine as root
  2. Copy the uploaded keystore into the current directory with the cp command:

    cp /home/sshuser/keystore.icg .

    Please note that "." (fullstop) is part of the command. The fullstop stands for the current directory. So, you pass the cp command two arguments: "/home/sshuser/keystore.icg" and "." for the current directory.

  3. Make the ICG installer file executable with the chmod command:
    chmod u+x installer-[version].bin
  4. Start the installer with:

    ./installer-[version].bin keystore.icg

  5. Accept the installation path.
  6. Accept or change the TCP port for the ICG service (Default: 8443).

    This port must be permanently available for the ICG.

    The installer configures and starts the Tomcat server, printing environment variables.

    Do not reboot the system or restart the ICG Tomcat server before the first connection has been made from UMS.