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Generating an ICG Certificate

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Setting Up the Virtual Appliance

This section is relevant if you want to run your ICG as a virtual appliance.

The ICG virtual appliance has the OVA format. It can be imported using one of the following hypervisors:

To set up the ICG virtual appliance:

  1. Import the virtual appliance.
  2. Make sure that it has been recognized as a 64-bit virtual machine.
  3. Start the virtual machine.
  4. Open a console on the virtual machine.
  5. Log in as root with the preset password usgIGEL1123.

    The VM uses a US keyboard layout by default.

    You can view this layout on Wikipedia.

    Use the loadkeys command to load a different keyboard layout if required:

    • loadkeys de # German
    • loadkeys fr # French
    • loadkeys es # Spanish
    • loadkeys sg # Swiss German

      The command dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration opens a dialog that allows you to set another keyboard layout permanently.

  6. Change the root password by entering the passwd command and make a note of the new password.
  7. Change the password for the dedicated SSH user with the command passwd sshuser and make a note of the new password.
  8. Open the network configuration file with the following command:

    nano /etc/network/interfaces

  9. Edit the entry for eth0 so that it looks like this:

    iface eth0 inet static

    address [IP address]

    netmask [netmask]

    gateway [default gateway IP address]

  10. Save the file.
  11. Reboot the virtual machine.

    Your virtual machine is now ready for Installing the IGEL Cloud Gateway.