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Installing and Configuring the IGEL Cloud Gateway

This how-to provides a complete walkthrough of installing IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG) and connecting the Universal Management Suite (UMS) and IGEL OS endpoint devices.

It describes only the most straightforward way with the simplest options. For additional requirements (e.g. using your own Linux server, importing a CA-signed certificate) this document will provide links to the corresponding sections of the ICG Manual.


Network Topology

Licensing ICG

Generating an ICG Certificate

Setting Up the Virtual Appliance

Own Machine: Preparing

Uploading the Keystore

Installing the IGEL Cloud Gateway

Connecting the UMS to the ICG

Generating Passwords for Thin Clients

Transferring the Passwords to the Thin Clients

Connecting a Thin Client to the IGEL Cloud Gateway

Toggling between ICG and Direct Connection

Hardening the ICG