Customizing Logos in Start Menu and as Start Button

What exactly is the Start Button Icon and the Start Menu?

The Start Button Icon is customizable with IGEL Linux version 5.08.100 and newer.

The Start Button Icon is the button on the left side of the taskbar. Push it to open the Start Menu. Size: 32x32px

The Company Logo in Start Menu is the image you can see in the advanced Start Menu. Size: 64x64px

To see a Start Menu with company logo you first have to set the Start Menu Type on Advanced under User Interface > Desktop > Background > Start Menu.

If you set the Start Menu Type on Auto and the client has a clock frequency of 1 Ghz, the system would choose the advanced type.

Start menu_logos

You can assign your own icons to be used instead in the setup under

System > Firmware Customization > Corporate Design > Company Logos > Start Menu.

  1. Enter the file name and the whole path of your logo under Start Button Icon and under Company logo start menu.
  2. Assign the logo to your thin clients by adding it under Assigned objects.
  3. Restart the clients.

The icons will have changed.