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Webcam Information

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Using Webcam Information

You can determine and change the width, height and frame rate for the webcam connected.

Alternatively, you can determine the values supported by the webcam in the local terminal with the command webcam-info -l.

To determine and change the values for width, height and frame rate, proceed as follows:

  1. Start the Webcam Information function.

    The following values will be shown:

  2. Click on one of the fields to change the value. The supported values will be shown in the process.
  3. Click on Test.

    The video image generated by the webcam with the current settings will be shown.

    In order to check whether the webcam is functioning in a session (e.g. redirected via Citrix HDX Webcam Redirection), open the website cameroid.com in your browser within the session (Adobe Flash must be installed).