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Drive Mapping (Citrix)

Through drive mapping, each directory mounted on the thin client (including CD-ROMs and disk drives) is made available to you during ICA sessions on Citrix servers.

In this area, you can specify which drives and paths are mapped during the logon. This applies for all ICA sessions.

To manage the Drive Mapping list, proceed as follows:

Before you unplug a hotplug storage device from the thin client, you must safely remove it. Otherwise, data on the hotplug storage device can be damaged.

Depending on the configuration, there is one or several possibilities to safely remove a hotplug storage device:

  • Click on in the task bar. The taskbar is not available in a fullscreen session.
  • Click on in the in-session control bar. Depending on the configuration, the in-session control bar may be available in a fullscreen session. For further information, see In-session Control Bar.
  • Function Accessories > Safely Remove Hardware with further starting possibilities; amongst other things, a hotkey can be defined here.

    If the following warning is displayed: Volume(s) still in use. Dont' remove the device., then the hotplug storage device must not be removed. First, exit the program concerned or close all files or directories that reside on the hotplug storage device.

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