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Advanced Options

In the IGEL Registry under Setup > System > Registry, you will find a number of additional parameters which are not yet available in the actual screen configuration:

x.dmx.number_of_screens_master and x.dmx.number_of_screens_slaveX allow you to define only one connected monitor for a particular thin client (the default setting is two available monitors per device). This makes sense if two or more UD5s, each with a high-resolution monitor, are to be connected together via the display port for example.

The master saves the list of available satellites. A satellite can be deleted from the list via the x.dmx.slaveX parameter by selecting Delete Instance.

The satellites can be arranged in any order by making changes in x.dmx.slaveX.number. However, there is no consistency check, so you must therefore carry out a manual check to ensure that the numbering is clear.

With x.dmx.net, the automatic configuration of the internal network between the master and clients can also be carried out manually, e.g. the IP address of the master or the address area of its DHCP server.