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Windows Drive

In this area, you can integrate network drives shared by Windows as well as those from Linux/Unix servers via the SMB protocol (Samba).

You can find a sample configuration at the end of this page.

To manage the drive list, proceed as follows:

Clicking Hinzufügen will bring up the Add dialogue, where you can define the following settings:

Sample configuration entry

The following picture shows a sample configuration entry.

If a NetBios name is provided for Server, make sure it is not preceded by slashes, e.g. \\myComputer (wrong) vs. myComputer (correct).

For Local Mount Point, only / (Linux/Unix-style forward slash) can be used as a path separator. Note that if you enter, for example, \smbmount as a moint point, a directory called \smbmount will be created, because \ is a legal character in Linux directory names.

For Share Name, however, / (Linux/Unix-style forward slash) or \ (Windows-style backward slash) can be used as a path separator.