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Tips & Tricks

Using the Coolkey Cryptographic Library

Issues When Upgrading a Former IZ2 Device to LX 5.10.100

Restricting the Mounting of Hotplug Storage Devices on IGEL Linux

Suspend to RAM - Wakeup by USB Mouse

Configuring Dynamic DNS Updates via DDNS

Hardware Video Acceleration on IGEL Linux

Exporting the local Thin Client Configuration

Updating the Firmware using a USB Storage Device

Updating the Firmware using the Linux Console

Mapping local Printer to Citrix or RDP Sessions

Configuring WiFi Network Roaming

Shutdown/Suspend Thin Clients automatically at the End of a Session

Making a Telnet Connection from IGEL Linux

IZ1 and UD2-MM Usage of RAM

Single Sign on for the Browser Proxy

Overcoming the Restrictions of a Fullscreen Session with the In-Session Control Bar

Copy Sessions in Setup or UMS

Set Advanced User Preferences for the Browser

Create a Self-Service Setup for the User with Quick Settings

Make Frequent User Actions Easier by Defining Hotkeys

Use the Browser in Kiosk Mode

Define Multiple Start Pages for Your Browser

Create a seamless, transparent user experience with Appliance Mode

Use NLA (Network Layer Authentication) for Logon with Horizon Client Sessions

Shutdown, Restart or Log off Automatically at Session Termination

Bluetooth Tool

Webcam Information

Display Switch

Keyboard Shortcuts for Managing Windows

Connecting Signature Pads

RDP Load Balancing Routing Token

Installing a Calculator on IGEL Linux

Changing Middle Mouse Button Function for Citrix Session and Local Firefox Browser

Taking Screenshots on IGEL Linux

Changing Appliance Mode Picture

Auto-hide Toolbar in Appliance Mode