Suspend to RAM - Wakeup by USB Mouse


You want to wake up your device by mouse click or key press.


The wakeup function strongly depends on the hardware and BIOS version in use. We recommend testing this function before using it. In UDC2, it only works with fully supported hardware.


This solution works with IGEL Linux 5.09.100 and newer.

  1. In Setup, go to System > Power Options > Shutdown.
  2. Activate Allow system suspend.
  3. Select Shutdown as the Default action.
  4. Save the setting by clicking Apply or save the setting and exit Setup by clicking Ok.

    From now on, the system will be suspended to RAM whenever it is shut down.

  5. For PS/2 mouse and keyboard:

    For USB mouse and Keyboard:

  6. To check if the wakeup works, click > , wait a few minutes, and try to wake up the thin client using a mouse click or a key press.

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